It sounds strange that we can be prepared for the inevitability of experiencing loss and grief, but we can. LightsOut is a Personal Development Program that promotes grief awareness as a skill and aims to reduce the fear of death. Bianca Becker is its creator is and its base is in Australia. Fortunately, through internet, anyone interested in the notions of loss and grief has access to this application through the link . It costs about AUD$30* because it needs to be funded from somewhere. The reasoning behind this program, its structure, and the Lightsout users’ feeling, an experience that I personally went through, allows me to say that it worths its money. It can help us to see the loss and grief in a broad context, something that – perhaps – we didn’t have the opportunity before. It helps to identify our strengths, to reflect on how we personally view death, to become aware of the feelings and reactions that accompany grief, to embrace our now, to distinguish sympathy from empathy, to get some ideas of how to support people who are grieving, but also how to help ourselves with such experience, and to think about the funeral, before the need for it becomes imperative. It is a journey of awareness of death, from another point of view but, at the same time, through our own eyes. Watch the video to get an idea:

It worths it!

*I have had the pleasure of participating somehow in an advisory role in Becker’s work, and my comment would be disingenuous and pretentious if I had received any commission from the program. But I haven’t 😊 I quote my opinion honestly and subjectively based on the knowledge I have about the subject, but also on my personal experiences of loss and grief.

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