“No one builds a bridge over a river they cannot see.”

Adriana Schnake

The loss of a significant other – person, animal, or object – and the grief that follows, are human experiences that one is bound to experience. Knowledge on loss and grief does not alleviate pain. It helps, however, understanding such an experience and recognising the uniqueness of the way each of us grieves. These are the main pillars of Death Education, an area of ​​education that is already half a century old, but often marginalized by what is referred to as “death taboo”.

The aim of PoStDeathEducation website is to contribute to the ongoing discussion on death, loss, and grief (death literacy) mainly but not limited in Cyprus. Here, you can find related research work, scientific articles, interviews, educational material, book presentations, as well as useful relevant internet links. This effort is in its very beginning. Aiming at a two-way communication to enrich the website’s content, suggestions will be taken into consideration, which can be sent via email.

Aiming first to see the river and then to build solid bridges,

Polyxeni Stylianou, PhD

P.S. I express my sincere gratitude to Christodoulos, Derek, Michalinos, Anna, Maria, Anastasia, Pavlos, Stefani, Maria (and Marina), Elena, many fellow teachers and, in particular,  the children, who contributed in so many ways to this website.

Dr Polyxeni Stylianou works as an elementary school teacher in Cyprus. At the same time, as an external collaborator of the Cyprus Pedagogical Institute, she offers seminars to teachers and parents in relation to Death Education. Her research interests cover the integration of the concepts of death, loss, and grief in primary education and her research work has been published in international journals and presented at international conferences. She is a member of the Association for Death Education and Counseling (ADEC) and the ambassador of the Association for the Study of Death and Society (ASDS) in Cyprus. https://www.researchgate.net/profile/Polyxeni-Stylianou